1 John 5:13


Do you put your needs ahead of your wants? Many of us want a lot, but we should always put our needs first. When we prioritize correctly, getting what we want is easier.

For example, during the workout, we may want fast results. But we need to do what is necessary to reach that point. That means we need to do the fundamentals, and we need to make sure our form is correct. In addition, we need to stay focused and committed to our goals. The wants come after. 

What an athlete truly needs on bench day is a well-thought-out plan, proper warm-up, and a disciplined approach to form and technique. Achieving a PR requires more than just loading up the bar with extra weight; it demands dedication to consistent training, progressive overload, and a focus on building strength over time. Nutrition, recovery, and injury prevention are equally essential needs that can’t be overlooked.

In the context of spiritual guidance, the Bible’s wisdom addresses needs versus wants differently. It emphasizes that the ultimate need is spiritual, revolving around following Jesus Christ’s teachings and living according to God’s divine will. As the book of Colossians aptly states:

“Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.” – Colossians 3:2 

This scripture underscores the paramount importance of prioritizing spiritual needs over worldly desires, reminding us that our true fulfillment comes from aligning our lives with God’s purpose and following the path set by our faith.

Our longing for a deeper testimony of His Gospel can be powerful, but attaining it requires more than mere desire; it necessitates committing to the spiritual work. This diligent effort and dedication serve as the catalyst for reaching that elevated state of spiritual understanding.


1. Commit Colossians 3:2 to memory.



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