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Bible Reading:

James 3:13

“Who is wise and understanding among you? By his good conduct let him show his works in the meekness of wisdom.


As we move through life, we always hope, despite the inevitable setbacks, that we are growing, maturing, and building a desire to be used by God. We start by being filled up. Filled up by God’s word, by more mature believers, and by the Holy Spirit.

We need to be filled regularly in all these ways. This moves us closer to God and His heart for those around us, and we start to let those blessings flow through us to the people God has placed around us. The evidence of our understanding and relationship with God is in the works we do.

God is saying, “If you love me, prove it!” Jesus was saying “prove it” to Peter when he said in John 21:15-17 “Do you love me?- “Feed my sheep.” Feed, tend, these are the actions of a servant.

We know from James 2:17 that, “Faith without works is dead.” So as we become one with Jesus we are driven to DO great things for Him, not to be great ourselves. Notice James 3:13 says, “ the humility that comes from wisdom.” So a truly wise person is very hard to spot because they are just serving others quietly. Not talking about the great things they have done.



Holy Spirit, let me show my love for you by showing your love to my family and my community.


Be filled by God daily and use that wisdom to SERVE.


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