Matthew 14:13-21


What kind of results should we expect from our training? How do we know what to expect? Should we look to those who serve as our coaches? Do we observe the results others have experienced through their training?

No matter how we evaluate success, we all expect to see results when we commit to a new way of life.



In today’s reading, we see Jesus providing results that were certainly not expected by His followers. He fed a crowd of nearly 20,000 people by starting with only five loaves of bread and two fish. What would we expect if we were present when Jesus prepared to distribute that meal?

Jesus demonstrates what it means to live in full dependence on God. What can we learn about the new life we have in Christ through His words and actions?

  1. Jesus instructed the people to wait for the results. The results we desire do not always come in our timing. We must wait on God’s timing. As followers of Christ, we wait on Him to provide.
  2. Jesus thanked God for the results He was about to experience. It is our tendency to express gratitude after we have experienced the blessings of God. However, Jesus models a true life of faith. He thanks God before the blessing. Jesus anticipates that God would provide.
  3. Jesus expected more than enough. Not only did the crowd eat, they were satisfied. And, not only was the crowd satisfied, but the 12 disciples collected leftovers! Followers of Christ believe God will provide everything we need and there will be plenty to share with others.

We train because we trust we will see results. And as we live with gratitude for the Lord we wait with great expectation because He has always shown His faithfulness. The cross and empty tomb are continual reminders that He always keeps His promises.



  1. How have you doubted the promises of God?
  2. How does this story encourage you to renew your faith in Him?
  3. How can living with this perspective affect our physical training?
  4. Evaluate the goals of your training and spend time in prayer thanking God for the results He will provide through Jesus.



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