Joshua 1:9


Competitors have a rugged spirit. If someone doubts their ability to accomplish a task they have their mind set on, that person is often proven wrong. In COVID, with many gyms closed, they figured out how to do their workouts at home. If no equipment were available for a workout, they would use their environment to get in their exercise.

When things get rough, competitors show they can handle the difficulties life throws. Instead of dwelling on all the worst-case scenarios, they pay attention to what they can control and do their best with the situation.

All in all, competitors thrive in rugged conditions. They are prepared to take on more than others because of their champion mindset.

But what does it mean to be spiritually rugged? It means that when challenging situations come, you stay the course with your eyes on Christ.

A great example of spiritual ruggedness comes from Moses. God called Moses to deliver the Hebrew people from the Egyptians.

Moses went through a lot. He left behind the only life that he knew. God used him to deliver plagues to the Egyptians. How did Moses feel about that? After all, these were the people he grew up with and broke bread with. We don’t know exactly what he felt. But even with his strong belief in God, it couldn’t have been easy.

Then there was guiding a massive amount of people out of Egypt. It wasn’t like Moses had a lay of the land. He couldn’t just Google where he wanted to and look at the reviews. He had to trust the Lord.

Spiritual ruggedness is something we should all strive to build. And we can best do that by not giving up on Jesus when hard times come.


1. Write down an experience where you were spiritually rugged

2. Find another spiritually rugged figure in the Bible. Write down what you like about their ruggedness for God.



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