Philippians 4:13 


Self-respect is the foundation of a happy and fulfilling life. It is the belief in our worth and value giving us the strength to face challenges and overcome obstacles. When we respect ourselves, we are more likely to take care of our physical and mental health, set boundaries, and say no to things that are not good for us.

We are also more likely to stand up for ourselves and our beliefs and to pursue our dreams.

Without self-respect, we are vulnerable to negative thoughts and feelings, such as self-doubt, anxiety, and depression.

When you respect yourself, you give yourself the best chance to succeed. You are opening yourself up to all the good things life offers. And you are setting an example for others to follow.

Our existence is a masterpiece, a gift from the Creator. We are not pawns or commodities, but precious beings with inherent worth. When we love ourselves as God loves us, we are able to see our own beauty and value, flaws and all. We can embrace our unique tapestry of brilliance and imperfection with compassion, not judgment. This also means forgiving ourselves for our mistakes and learning from them. When we do this, we allow our souls to blossom and grow in the garden of self-discovery.

Multiple scriptures in the Bible tell us to value ourselves. We read in Corinthians, “Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in your midst?” This passage likens believers to the dwelling place of God’s Spirit, further emphasizing the sacredness and worthiness of each individual.

May we see ourselves as God sees us, precious and valuable, created in His image. May we treat ourselves with the same love and respect that we would treat a beloved friend or family member. When we do this, it will be easier to follow God’s path.


1. Commit Philippians 4:13 to memory.



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