James 1:17 


When our lives are over, we want to ensure we have written a good story. We know that the story won’t be perfect because there is always despair, heartache, and pain in life. Those things are unavoidable. So, what does it take to write a good story?

First and foremost, it requires a commitment to God. When we do this, we open the door to being blessed beyond how the world can bless us. In addition, we separate ourselves from today’s culture, choosing to see things with a different lens that focuses on items of spiritual importance. This first step is how we start the story with the proper foundation.

Second, we commit to our families. When we do this, we are aligned with God’s work, helping to raise our children in the ways of the Lord. Such commitment not only sets us up for more success but also gives our children a head start in understanding the critically significant things in life.

Third, we need to find something we can do that provides value to others. Everyone has unique gifts that can contribute to building a better world. But giving value in what we do shows that we live by the principles Christ teaches.

Fourth, we have to remain humble. That doesn’t mean we don’t take pride in our accomplishments. But it does mean that no matter what level of expertise we achieve, we stay coachable and teachable and recognize there is always more to learn. In addition, it means that we take the time to listen to others and hear their stories.

Fifth, we don’t give up. Whenever we are in a difficult situation, we make a concerted effort to prevail in our trials and learn from them.

Keep in mind: There are many other things we can do to write that story we want about our lives, but these are some key places to start.


1. Write down three things you want to be in your life story.

2. Commit James 1:17 to memory.



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