Joshua 1:9 


Competitors are not only strong because they train their bodies in the gym. They are also strong because they train their minds to be as healthy as their bodies. Legendary soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo said of mental strength. “Mental strength is just as important as physical strength and will help you achieve your goals.”

How can we, as competitors strengthen ourselves mentally?

Athletes can practice mindfulness techniques and mental conditioning to develop focus, resilience, and emotional control. Meditation, visualization, and breathing exercises can help them stay present in the moment, reduce anxiety, and maintain composure during high-pressure situations. Engaging in mental conditioning drills, such as positive self-talk and affirmations, can foster a confident mindset and build mental fortitude.

Strength is only one part of the equation. Without heart, we won’t be able to push through difficulty and triumph. Heart is what gives us the courage to face challenges, the determination to never give up, and the passion for achieving our goals.

Building strength for Jesus is like constructing a majestic cathedral, brick by brick, with unwavering devotion as the cornerstone.

Each brick represents a foundation of faith, prayer, and spiritual growth, meticulously laid upon one another to create a structure that stands firm against the winds of doubt and adversity. As the cathedral rises towards the heavens, it becomes a testament to the transformative power of Jesus’ love and grace, drawing others to witness the beauty of a life built upon His teachings.

Just as the construction of a cathedral requires time, effort, and dedication, building spiritual strength for Jesus demands perseverance, humility, and a deep connection to the Divine. As we continue to add to this masterpiece of faith, our lives become a living testimony to His transformative power, shining like a beacon of love and compassion for all to see.


1. Write down two ways you can increase your spiritual strength.

2. Commit Joshua 1:9 to memory.



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