John 10


What is a team? The word finds its meaning from the idea of a team of animals pulling together. Successful teams are linked together so they can pull in the same direction.

Many of us are blessed with a team environment in our gyms or fitness communities. How has this environment helped you pursue your goals? Who are the individuals that are aiming to go in the same direction as you?



When we surround ourselves with individuals who are pursuing the same goals, we are much more capable of achieving our own goals. But how do teams stay linked together to pursue excellence?

The first major ingredient to pulling in the same direction is following the same voice.

Jesus describes Himself as the one voice we were designed to follow. He compares His leadership style to a shepherd. This means He cares for and protects a specific group of followers because He owns them.

Consider the qualities that make shepherds successful leaders:

  1. Shepherds are WILLING. The shepherd wants what is best for his sheep. He is not an employee. He is the owner of the sheep and invests everything into their lives.
  2. Shepherds are AVAILABLE. The shepherd feeds his sheep, so this means he must remain with them daily to guide them. He is always ready to provide for their needs.
  3. Shepherds are ABLE. The shepherd has the power to lead his sheep from the sheep pen because he has purchased them. No one else is able to free them from their confinement. The doorkeeper knows who he is and gives him access to his sheep every day.

Followers of Jesus seek to be surrounded by others who follow Him. When we are with those who pursue Jesus, we are much more capable of following His voice.

There are many voices in our world that offer freedom, guidance and protection, but only One has earned the right to lead us. He has laid down His life for His sheep. Why would we listen to anyone else?



  1. How does the sport of fitness allow you to develop teamwork?
  2. If you are a member of a gym, how has the team environment pushed you to excel?



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