1 Chronicles 16:34


There are a lot of forces for good out there. But one that we sometimes forget is the power of gratitude. We all have heard the saying count your blessings or to be thankful for what we have. These simple truths bring peace and joy to life.

Do you remember the last time you listed the things you were thankful for? How did it make you feel?

No matter where we are in the world, there is a tremendous amount of things to be thankful for. First and foremost, we should be grateful to have a knowledge of the goodness of God and a testimony of His gospel. This divine information helps us push through harder times and understand the bigger picture at play. It reminds us of where we come from and where we are going.

Secondly, look at your loved ones. We should give thanks for them. Without people to support us, hold us accountable, and encourage us, life’s journey would be lonely and full of heartache.

Third, we can be thankful for the talents with which God chooses to bless us. These talents, if cultivated, can be life-changing and contribute to our growth and development in our personal and spiritual lives.

Fourth, look around you. We live in an age where science, medicine, and technology are making frequent breakthroughs. We should be grateful that we can take advantage of such marvels. A few hundred years ago, life expectancy rates were much lower, and people did not have the standard of living in most of the world that they have now.

Psalm 100:4 invites us to enter into the presence of the Almighty with hearts filled with gratitude and to step into His courts with joyful praise. It urges us to give thanks and glorify His name and prompts us to pause and reflect on the multitude of blessings we have received. May we illuminate our surroundings with the radiance of our appreciation, becoming beacons of gratitude for the divine grace surrounding us.


1. Commit 1 Chronicles 16:34 to memory.



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