Romans 16:17


To “watch” means to focus one’s attention on something. During a workout, we keep a close eye on ourselves to ensure that we are executing the movements correctly.

Proper form ensures that we are targeting the right muscle groups and maximizing the benefits of each exercise. We can fine-tune our performance for better results when we pay attention to our movements.

Regularly monitoring our CrossFit workouts enables us to track our progress and identify areas for improvement. By pinpointing weaknesses or areas where we struggle, we can set goals and work towards enhancing athletic performance.

We have to watch what we do all the time.

How we conduct ourselves in the workplace significantly impacts our professional reputation. By watching what we do, we can maintain a positive image and build trust among colleagues, superiors, and clients. Consistently demonstrating professionalism, integrity, and competence can open doors to new opportunities for us.

Additionally, as believers, it is critical to closely monitor and reflect upon how we conduct ourselves in our faith journey. If we were to examine our actions and choices at the end of each day, we should strive for them to align with the principles and teachings of Jesus Christ. This introspective approach serves as a measure of our commitment as disciples.

As stewards of our faith, we should consider whether our daily choices reflect responsible and ethical conduct. Are we using our time, talents, and resources to serve others and promote God’s kingdom?

His kingdom isn’t one full of people that choose to worship the gods of today’s culture. It is, as it states in Romans, one of “righteousness, and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.”

May we watch what we do in all areas of life, finding more happiness and a deeper relationship with Christ along the way.


1. Commit Romans 16:17 to memory.



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