Ephesians 4:25-32


Is it wrong to use profanity? Are there specific curse words that are sinful? Most of the words we classify in this category are not addressed in the Bible, so we must reason from the principles found in the Word. This subject can be especially difficult for many of us in the athletic arena.


Why is it difficult for many of us to refrain from using profanity in a competitive environment?Being intentional with our words in a competitive environment may be difficult, but the effort is worth it for a competitor of Christ. What does the Scripture tell us about our words?Paul’s description found in the Ephesians letter cited above is very helpful.

  • Strong words “build up.” Are your words constructive or destructive? Do they motivate, inspire and push others to be better? Or will they be interpreted as condemning, arrogant or — even worse — empty? Much like exercise selection, our word selection plays a huge role in building the strength of those around us.
  • Strong words address a “need.” What need do your words address? Do they give strength to others or do they simply make you look stronger? What about the meaning of the words you use? Do they fill a need or make the problem worse?
  • Strong words “give grace.” The greatest need we could fill is pointing others to the gift of God in Christ. Where do your words point? Jesus recognized we have opportunity to bring attention to God through our works as the light of the world and salt of the earth.

Make your words so tasty that those who hear will hunger for more!


  1. Identify three ways your words can tear others down instead of building them up.
  2. Describe a moment in your life when someone’s words inspired you to improve. What specific words were used?
  3. How does the gift of God in Christ motivate you to use your words carefully?



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