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The organization co-founded by late CrossFit Games Athlete, Becky Conzelman, is excited to welcome Guido Trinidad to their team.


Denver, CO: Guido Trinidad was announced as the newly appointed Executive Director of FAITH RXD on October 1, 2020. 


“Co-founding, building and guiding FAITH RXD since June 10, 2013, with my late wife, Becky (who passed, April 6, 2019), Chip Pugh and our growing staff has been an incredible honor and privilege. Guido Trinidad sets the bar with humblyBOLD courage and unmatched passion to serve God and our fitness community. From the first FAITH + FITNESS weekend training camp in which he coached back in early 2015, he brought a fiery spirit and workout as worship that revolutionized the experience for all of us. I am so thankful for his commitment to step up and serve as our next Executive Director! I am also excited to continue to lead this incredible organization as a continuing member of the board.”

– Co-Founder, Jim Conzelman


FAITH RXD has been serving the CrossFit and fitness community since its inception in 2013, with locations and media presence that now reaches 82 cities and 43 countries. Their mission is to unite and strengthen the fitness community to live for Christ, share His love, and serve the world.


Board of Directors Chair, Rick Walton, stated, “The FAITH RXD Board is excited for this new season of ministry, as Jim Conzelman passes the baton of leadership to Guido Trinidad. We are thankful to Jim for his co-founding and years of service. We anticipate Guido to carry forward with a team momentum that matches his CrossFit enthusiasm and love for Jesus. Join us in honoring these two men by continuing your commitment in FAITH RXD’s mission.”


The organization’s impact and footprint is made possible through 400+ volunteers who faithfully serve their local communities every week. FAITH RXD East Regional Advisor, Melissa Montalvo, shares the Board’s enthusiasm for the leadership transition, and insight into how other community members also view it, “The army of volunteers are excited to be unified under Guido’s leadership. We have seen his life and family impacted by our mission in such a positive way. His passion to celebrate life in Christ and fitness prowess will lead many more into a deeper understanding of the Gospel. We have seen how he is ready to listen to the Lord and rally staff together in creating new experiences to encourage one another in the faith at a very important time of history. We are all excited to rally one another for the greater good!”


The first word in the FAITH RXD mission statement is “Unite.” This is not just a word, but is an organization value. In a letter to the FAITH RXD Community, Guido said, “God has filled my heart with passion for the FAITH RXD community. I have devoted my life to cultivating strong communities that support and celebrate life in a gym and at event settings. Now there is an opportunity to UNITE people for a purpose much greater than physical fitness, to encourage one another to live out the faith.  Like our fitness journey, we are all in different phases or seasons of our faith walk. I believe God’s desire for this ministry is to meet people where they are at, engage them to grow in their belief in Him, equip them to follow His words, and show them with our actions how to love like Jesus does.”


To learn more about FAITH RXD, their intentional communities that combine faith and fitness, and their training opportunities, please visit www.faithrxd.org.


To read Guido’s full letter to the FAITH RXD community, please visit https://faithrxd.org/liveschanged/letter-to-the-community-from-our-new-executive-director/



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