1 Peter 1:13


Prepare. Preparation in life is critical. We’ve all heard variations of the saying, “If you aren’t prepared, be prepared to fail.”

Before the workout, we prepare ourselves mentally by listening to the coach. With their guidance, we know what to do. But what happens when we come to the gym and aren’t ready for the workout? We perform poorer and fail to hit our targets. And because we didn’t prepare, our bodies react more negatively after exertion.

When we don’t prepare for the unexpected, we set ourselves up for bigger problems and, sometimes, disaster. God told Noah to build the ark before the rains came. He didn’t come to him the day before the event happened and say, “Noah, you’re going to need to build an ark. I’m going to flood the earth. You have 24 hours.” He didn’t put off God’s command and start the project when the skies got gray. There was no procrastination on Noah’s end.

He knew what he had to do, obey God. As a result, his family and the animals were saved and he was able to influence the course of humanity. Even after Noah left the ark, he continued to praise God.

He made sacrifices on an altar. He knew that he had only escaped the apocalyptic waters because he had listened to the Lord’s direction. And God told Noah, “Everything that lives and moves about will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything.”

Like Noah, we need to be prepared for the future. Don’t wait until the clouds start forming. Build your ark before the rain comes.


1. Read the story of Noah’s ark. Write down what you feel after reading it.

2. Think of how you can prepare for the unexpected floods in your life.

3. Write down three things you can do to build a stronger spiritual ark.



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